Purahealth is a proudly modern Australian wellness company that passionately advocates and supports a mindful approach to health – by celebrating simplicity and experience, appreciating the value of beauty and balance, and encouraging heartfelt purpose.

Our thoughtfully created capsule collection of health supplements are complementary to a well-considered lifestyle and address some of today's most prevalent health concerns including cardiovascular health and digestive health.

Purahealth's products are backed by science and made in Australia in GMP certified facilities using the highest quality ingredients and sans unnecessary inclusions. 

The future: reshaping supplements from the inside-out. 

When we started out on this journey our intention was to provide a premium range of design-led products that would seamlessly integrate into your daily lives and not be relegated to the back of the pantry along with your best intentions.

Two years on, Purahealth is raising funds to continue growing the business here in Australia and overseas and to develop a new range of products. As we move forward our commitment is to eliminate the use of all synthetic binders and fillers and to provide transparency on all ingredients - something that for too long has been opposed by the Australian vitamin and dietary supplement industry. Maybe it's the rebel in us, maybe it's because we listened to what the market wants, maybe it's both!

To help us achieve this goal, we are currently raising funds through equity crowdfunding - a new way to invest that gives all Australians the opportunity to become shareholders in businesses they are passionate about in exchange for equity. This means as a co-owner (and fellow disruptor!) you would also share in our success - and it's simple to do! 

Invest in Purahealth from as little as $250 and join us on our journey to drive positive change towards a cleaner, greener and healthier future.

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